Things you never want to happen...

So I have been out of town because of work and I have been loving every day of it. BUT
My son who is at home, also had some joy this week... he got into his first car accident. It was nothing major someone hit him from behind, but it was the fact that I was not there that hit me like a ton of bricks.
Then I realized how well I have raised him and how great he is going to be.
I called him shortly after I heard what happened, he couldnt talk because he was on the phone with the police, and he would call me back. He is 17, he sounded like he was 37. Very mature and took the reins and did the right thing. He called Brian, and then the police, police came out and said, no more monkeys jumping on the bed.. remember that song??
Okay well anyways, police said that they are not going to file a report since both of the cars are driveable and to exchange information and be on their way. He handled the entire situation like he has been through it a million times.

We have drilled in his head many times of what to do and to tell us right away. He did exactly what he was taught. A million lectures of trust, honestly and reliability came to a head this week and I am very thankful for him being well, him!

That was the only time I talked to him this week. We have emailed, but I can tell he is getting older and more mature. Oh I have no idea what I am going to do when he leaves the house, besides turning his room into a sewing and scrapbooking room, omg I cannot wait!!!!

I think that is the only thing keeping me from bawling my eyes out.. omg scrapbooking and sewing oh my!

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