Why I like Facebook/Why I dont like Facebook

I have fallen in love with Facebook since I have been on it. Of course there are times when I want to throw it out the winodw because they have to change the format of the home page or others as much as MSN. If it works there is no reason to change it! They havent changed it for awhile now and I hope it stays.
I can do everything on this site. I can tell everyone when I have to go to the bathroom, when I can't sleep and what I ate for dinner. I can show people random pictures of vacations and even tag people in very unflattering pictures of themselves, and I can show everyone what foods I have been eating by taking pictures with my cell phone and posting them right away. I can share everything from favorite links to my bra size.
I can stalk people that I know, but dont want to be friends with, by reading all of my friends friends walls. Yes this takes some time, but how gratified do you feel after reading about the bitch who called you names in elementary school is now poor and using food stamps. Not that I am dogging out food stamps, I used them.. but I also love Karma. I love going through peoples walls and see how many friends that they have, and seeing if by chance they stole friends from my wall LOL.
I love how I can read when others are eating, using the restroom or getting ready to go out. I can then plan my night of omg I can't leave I ran into you here LOL how random is that, then we become fast friends and you share your millions of dollars with me. I love that you can gamble with fake money, you can have your own Mob, farm, restaurant, fishtank and zoo. I am sure that there are others. When a new game pops up like for example, Frontierville you and your friends tell one another that there is no way you can find time to do another game and how there is no way you can even manage it. Then you go home and start playing it and not posting everything so your friends dont think that you are on Facebook 24 hours a day doing some sort of virtual farming, killing etc. Then about a week later you are hooked, I can look at my facebook wall and see at any time of the day or night these people who are constantly posting things to share and I want so bad to press the button and accept the tools, feathers, cow, ugly duckling, and I try not too, I look away saying I am not going to start playing since i have dinner to prepare, showers to take. If I spent as much time as I do on facebook in the evenings at the pool, I would be walking down the street and having people shove hamburgers in my mouth for being so thin.

Things I dont like about facebook...

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