Back to school

As well as my son, my only son, starting his last year of high school, I am also starting back to school on my Master's program. It has been interesting during the first week:

Instructor is great; he is a high school teacher and also reads the dissertations for student's going for their higher degrees. He is an excellent communicator and it shows in his posts. I have learned from him to chill out when typing something and always use spell check. Some of the students are not new to the online area, and do not use spell-check. I read one post the other day and he had about 4 spelling errors in his discussion post. I was used to this during my undergrad days, but now it really gets under my skin when these people are taking up my time, for me to read unedited posts. I am selfish, and if I am going to spend time reading other people’s posts I would like them to be coherent. I want to say something, like "you can turn on your automatic spell checker anytime now"

I am excited to use some of the tools that the University has. You can turn in a paper online, and have this program go through your entire paper looking for plagiarism and grammar errors.


I am also taking a class for work this week. So far it is awesome. Mostly review, but deals with a lot that I haven't really been able to work with. I paid attention all day, which is unusual for me! I am looking forward to days to come. The class doesn’t start till 930 but goes to 530 UGH!

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