A is for Autumn

Was it today or yesterday when the first day of Autumn arrived? I cannot remember since f course we are having another heat wave this week. Dogs days of Autumn just does not have the same appeal. I enjoy fall and everything it brings, including the cooler temperatures. I enjoy the leaves, and the sound they make when little children run through them. I enjoy the smells from the kitchen, as long as there is nothing on fire. I enjoy getting ready for the holidays. I love the fact that soon I can be swallowed up in sweaters and look ten pounds less while eating tater tot casserole… makes sense right?

B started his new job, completely amazed by how much of it is computerized. I told him when kids my age worked there, we had to time the hamburgers by sun dials. Unfortunately he had no idea what I was talking about. He got home late last night and of course I was up wide eyed and ready to listen to him stomp around and shower before he declared himself exhausted.

Fall TV schedule is driving me insane because I have no idea what to watch when, or when I am going to watch all of these shows that I have recorded. I do have a grand scheme of getting up early Saturday morning and watching all of the shows while the rest of the house sleeps. Hmm, sounds great if I did not have a birthday to celebrate (not mine) on Friday night which will require me to suck it up and drink many for my team.

Tomorrow the letter B

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