My blog turned into a cactus

I apologize for not warming your hearts with joy or funny stories. With summer here nothing has really been funny about it, unless you count how hot it has been. I am looking forward to the fall and the cooler weather that comes with it.

I could tell you about all of the fun trips that I have been on. Actually only two trips, and they were golf trips. One trip was nice and relaxing, the other was so traumatic I only remember my body being carried from the golf course because of the heat. It was hot, no one wanted to golf. It was Captain's Choice, so at least I wasn't spending my entire time looking for balls. I got out of the cart when I had to, my arms felt like lead when I would hit the ball. No matter how much water you drank, the thirst was still there. One guy on my team went blind for a moment; I call it "Idontwannagolf" blindness. Finally he sucked it up at went and crushed a ball 300 yards. I told him that there was no reason for me to hit a drive anymore.
Then there was another guy who I thought was going to faint. He just didn't look well, and well he doesn't look too good to begin with. He didn't talk much and we didn't see too much of him the rest of the evening.
The third guy would just complain about all of the aches and pains, because you know well enough that no man can go without complaining when other men are complaining.

I felt like I was working in an old folk’s home again...

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