Black Friday isn't so Black

I was up this morning, before dawn wondering how I was going to survive this trip alone.

I looked in the closet and found my favorite baggy jeans, I picked those since I was still full from yesterday's feast of spinach dip, 7 layer dip, turkey, ham, mashed taters, green bean casserole and some pea concoction,yams, ham, turkey, gravy, more turkey, and rolls. I would have remembered the name of the peas, but I already asked Sandy what it was called and I dont want to ask again. I can't even remember the rice dish she made for her cook out and that was an absolute dream. I have learned whenever Sandy makes a new dish for company, no matter how weird it looks, just try a bit. Her french roots and knack for cooking is really a treat for the taste buds!!

Baggy Jeans check, now I need a shirt, that is not too heavy or so light I have to wear a jacket. It must have long sleeves and a collar. Check. The reasoning behind this, is because I will have a hot flash as soon as I enter a place where there is shopping to be had. The hot flash intensifies when people are banging into me, when people are not speaking english, and they have no manners when they do bump into you. So, I must be prepared. The rest of the dress is unimportant. I get my coffee and jet out the door with ads and credit cards in hand.
I feel like I am the only one on the road.
I feel that I should turn around and go back to bed.
I keep going
I hit the mall, park in my secret spot that almost no one else knows about and proceed to enter the mall.

First of all, jc penny's is awesome, as soon as I walk into the store they hand me an ornament, and a smile. Very nice!!! The aisles seem a bit wider, unless I am losing weight. Okay fine the aisles are in fact wider. The colors and selections are amazing, but I am not here to shop for clothes.
I enter the mall and go to my first store on my list. BINGO I get everything on the list!! Happy happy joy joy.
nd no I do not need the yearly protection plan.

I go to my favorite store and by ornaments. I bought lots of them, but do not tell the hubinator, he seems to think that the ornaments we made as children are good enough to go on the tree. So what if the tree looks bald, we can hang popcorn. I then send him home to his mothers.

Also, I am on the phone every 5 minutes calling the hubinator for suggestions since he had to work today, he loves going shopping on this day more than I do! I know we will be doing this together next year.

I exit the mall as fast as I entered it and proceed to Best Buy where you can always fine something to buy and of course I did. I am rocking with christmas presents and even found a few birthday things!!!

So today wasn't so black after all!!!

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