Nesting or cleaning?? That is the question!

The entire kitchen is almost clean! I spent the entire day going through cupboards, organizing and throwing away things that I do not use. I had this one caddy I ordered from pampered chefs, and the bowls didn't come with it, but I didn't know this until I got the order. I never did order the bowls but I kept the caddy's for 3 years. That is the way I roll. Well, I finally got rid of those.

While cleaning out the baking shelf, I noticed I did not have 2 cans of baking powder, I had 3. Yes, three cans of baking power, and 2 containers ofhershey's cocoa. I have no idea what I was planning on baking, but I know I seriously have a problem. Yes, I kept all 3 cans of bp and 2 cans of cocoa. If you need any, let me know.

Cleaned the stove, which I am currently cooking chicken and dumplings. The dumplings come later but I have the chicken on now and it smells so good!

I managed to find 3 trash bags full of crap to throw away and a box of stuff for goodwill. LOVE IT!!!!
I wish all of the rooms in the house were this easy to clean.

I still have the paneling to clean, and the floors.

I should be pregnant the way I am cleaning.

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