No more Cheesecake and Vodka... unless perhaps...

Since I just spent over a grand for my son’s senior year of high school..
Wait a minute,
He doesn’t even like high school…

Fine, yes it is all for me, so I can send out announcements to all of my friends telling them that he made it through, that I made it through the million years it has taken to get to this point, graduation. Yes I would have to agree with Jo, GED is definitely cheaper.
I want to be able to send out pictures of him in a tux because I might never see that again. I want the pictures so I can remember what his natural hair color is somewhere underneath the tips.

Anyways, since I spent so much money I am looking at ways to cut costs without having to buy generic diet coke.
Or generic mac and cheese…

Actually the reasoning behind this is that I want a chair and ottoman I saw at Lazy Boy.

OMG heaven

I can picture this piece of furniture in the alcove I have on the middle floor with a nice end table and lamp I saw at Value City. Maybe I would stay home more??

So I am not spending any more money on cheesecake and vodka. I will, however, take donations.

A friend of mine is going to start bargain shopping at the stores in her area.

I have 5 grocery stores in my area, and that is not including the commissary.

This would take me all day long, and I could not do this with anyone with me. I would have to be alone so I could think and make sure I do not purchase the same thing and the different stores. I already have issues with duplicate items… see below.
I do not like coupons because then I usually spend more on crap that I never wind up using because I can get it for a buck cheaper.
With baking season approaching, maybe, just MAYBE I can use the two cans of baking soda I have or the 2 boxes of Hersey’s cocoa. I can ship at cost if You want some…
I can also throw in a 2 year old can of almond paste. I had this wild hair brained idea that I was going to make baklava, speaking of which, I wonder where the pasty puffs are???

This baking idea I have is highly doubtful. I bake for a day then never want to go back into the kitchen again. If you see how hard it is to keep my kitchen clean while baking and how I struggle with putting things away, then you would be in the same boat as I.

Unless, of course you want to give me a free kitchen makeover complete with a new refrigerator.. then I am in.

So now what do I want to talk about??

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