The days are going faster than snowflakes

Not that we have any snowflakes here yet, I’m just saying. Although it would be nice to have some snow, not 56 inches, for Christmas morning.
Where was I??

Oh yea, well it seems I gave myself bad karma when I was counting down the days before Christmas in July. I would post 160 days, 130 days… and keep going.

That was not nice, and I was yelled at…
I was punished, it is now 14 days till Christmas and I have only 1 person/thing, a dog actually done for Christmas. Everyone else is still in limbo.

But trust me when I say this, I will do it again next July. Maybe I can start shopping then. I tried that one year, bought lots of stuff, hid it and proceeded to forget about it. I would remember shopping for something then just think it was a dream. Then sometime in the spring when I did my closets, I would find all of these treasures. Then I wouldn’t know what to do with said treasures so I wound up putting them in a basket and awaiting another year.

I plan on getting the rest of my shopping done this weekend. I have so many to shop for. I plan to do copious amounts of baking also and giving that away for Christmas gifts. I have my recipes in place and a grocery list not too long. Strange thing I will be buying is the buttermilk.

Who doesn’t love Buttermilk (Gag) but I LOVE what is made from it…

so this:
Equals this:

I am not making that though...

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