A little bit of sumthin

My gosh...
What a year.  I cannot believe it is almost over.
Wait, can I have a few more weeks to relish in 2010?  So many wonderful things happened this year:
My son turned 18
okay, so I can't think of them all, I am sure it has something to do with the food coma I have been experiencing for the past few days OMG

I told myself I was going to write down some recipes in here so I do not forget the heaven in my stomach, especially before it shows on my hips, under my arms, chin and buttocks.

I love saying Buttocks..
Remember when Forrest Gump said Buttocks?
That is exactly how I say it.

umm where exactly was I???
Oh yea...
okay so where do I begin?
Sausage gravy?
Cream cheese?
jalepeno popper dip?
beer/cream cheese dip???
Breakfast casserole??

Why am I watching Bill Reilly???? He doesn't look the same tonight. 
*change channel*
okay.. so sausage gravy... if you want the recipe follow me on here and I will give it to you
okay... jalepeno popper dip?? friend me and I will show you the sinfulness of cheese..

Christmas was amazing here, full of family and friends.  I would not have it any other way even though it was a stressful time. 

362 more days...

Sorry for the sporatic post... I have cheese dip in my mouth and I dont want to spill it


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