My Crazy Weekend

What happens at Crops Plus stays at Crops Plus.

The best scrap booking weekend I have ever had.  I scrapped, laughed, blew diet coke out of my nose, met new friends, criticized (yes me) and had a freaking time of my life. 

If you scrapbook I highly recommend this group for your scrapbooking get away. 
The size of the tables were HUGE
Lots of electrical outlets, and if you brought what they told you to bring, you were set for life. 
The music was the perfect level, not to interfer if you were talking or listening to your own music with headphones of course. 
The giveaways were great! HUGE!  Astronomical!!! Well worth the effort.
They had games, and stuff, but did not interfer on your scrapbooking. 
They had the best classes with great instructors.  Stamp classes, photography classes, and album classes. The classes were worth the amount spent.

The food provided by the hotel was good.  I am usually a complainer when it comes to food.  I WASN"T even hungry and I would go eat, just to see how it tasted.  POTATO SALAD and that awesome beef for the taco's was great.  Everyone had stuff to share too.  Chocolate and diet dr pepper, coffee drinks etc.

The hotel location was kind of out of the way, but it was worth it. 

This crop I have talked about for with bad review because of the problems I had when I had my surgery, and could not attend. 

I am so glad that I went back and tried out the new owners. 

The site is http://www.ourcropsplus.com/

I am going back ... in April...

May the force be wtih me!

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