Washing Machine Blues

So, I am sitting here...

I have a 2 hour window where the repair man will show up, sprinkle fairy dust on my washer and the it will no longer sound like the space shuttle taking off. 

1 hour has already passed.

We went out and bought the washer a few days ago after going to several different stores shopping for the best deal.  Five stores later we scored.   The washing machine did not have all of those fancy whistles.  We just want to have the option to throw clothes in, pick the temp of the water, load size, and length of wash.  I do not want to be able to adjust the half way cycle of the spins temperature in accentuate the flow of the water leaving the bin. 

Not my cup of tea.

The deal also included free delivery and pick up of old machine. 
We scored.

3 days later I am sitting waiting for the repair people to show up and fix the machine. 

They came
They saw
They kicked ass

Wanna know what the problem was???

The shipping rod was never removed from the previous installers.  The machine was also not leveled to perfection. 


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