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I'm trying to tone down the servings that I make in this house. It seems that everyone is on a diet. I try, seriously I try. There is one problem, I love to cook and bake and of course I love to eat. I have been trying a few new foods in the house.

Have you noticed the price of tomato's? And they are horrible. The worst tomato's so far have been from Bloom. Very sad.

Okay where was I?

I have this box filled with old recipes. Don't you love finding those types of things at yard sales, or garage sales? I love it. Of course this box came from a yard sale, not past down from generation and if you knew where I grew up you would totally understand.

Oh lordy, I forgot to tell you, most overpowering marinade out there, Lawry's lemon pepper marinade. OMG the chicken was delicious but the smell was in my house till the next day, and after a while the smell annoyed my more than a paint smell. No more of that.

I have to tell you a story before I forget. I went to the store, and bought a pork loin. Usually I crock pot it, but this time I wanted to cook it in the oven and since it was cold out, the oven would warm up the house at the same time. So anyways, I marinate it and put it in the fridge with instructions for my son to take it out of the fridge, let it sit for an hour then throw it in the oven at such and such degrees. I called to remind him then I called again to remind him to change the temp and let it cook for another hour. It called for like a 3 hour cooking time.

I was rushing home since the spouse had a meeting and we met outside the house. He was laughing his ass off. Telling me he was thankful that he had to go to the moose and have dinner. I didn't understand what he was talking about until I saw the poor thing. The.. my pork loin looked like a burnt arm... BURNT was not the word. So I ask Bryant did it smell burnt, did you smell something like that you remind you that the house was burning down? Did Daisy alert you that there was something wrong in the house?? There was no smoke and I didn't smell anything when I came in the house so I am sure he did not smell anything either and as for the dogs senses... well, they don't go far.

I cut into the loin, hope a major artery did not explode. It was cooked that’s for sure, many of you know I won’t eat pork unless it is cooked all the way. Okay, so the loin wasn't as tender but it was chewable if you liked beef jerky. Daisy was waiting for handouts, and eager to please me with her idea of scarfing the entire thing...

Have you ever noticed that a dog will scarf a piece of meat, yet crunch a potato chip till it dissolves in their mouth?

Well, needless to say we had salad with grilled cheese...

Oh speaking of grilled cheese

rye bread

you know what to do with it. Let me know if it tastes good, or even better put some bacon in there and enjoy for me.

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