My Best Friends Mom

I enjoyed your friendship
I laughed at your jokes
I humored your honestly
Even if I did not agree with you

I saw how strong you could be
I saw you move heaven and earth
I thought of your daughter in the same light
I thought of your daughter, who is my best friend
and smiled, since she can be just like you at times

I was there when the phone rang, and I was there when she cried
I wanted to make the pain go away, but again I knew you had no pain
It was a fair trade off, one she will take again and again
She knew you were tired and wanted to sleep
She wanted to help you and give her strength
I’m sorry it was not enough, but I am glad you are at peace
I will be her strength and ensure she rocks!
I will be there I promise

I held your daughter strong and gave her my strength
It was all I could give and I wanted her to have it
I don’t think she was ready for this mom
but, you raised a good daughter, and she will be okay

Your daughter was always my rock
Through thick and thin she was there for me
I never thought I would be able to repay all of the things that she did for me
I never thought the day would be today

I saw her at her weakest, and wondered if things will ever be better
I wanted to lie and say everything will be okay
I wanted to see her smile, and laugh like the old times
I wish I could take her pain and sorrow
And have it fly like a bird away from her

She will be okay,
You raised a great daughter
You were an amazing woman, with so many facets it was hard to keep track
Your daughter will keep your memory alive
You raised my best friend and I thank you for that

You will be missed by so many people
You will be cherished by your family
They have you watching over them
Please make sure my best friend will be okay

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