As we all go through life mistakes will be made and as I was told growing up, as long as you had learned something from the mistake it was okay.

I am on a new path.  Well, actually it is an old, well used path that I wandered away from.  I have had the itch during the past 8 months to get back into teaching.  I missed being around the liveliness of the children as well as witnessing the looks on their faces when they succeeded at something that they thought was unattainable.  Well, for the past year I took some time from the work force, started my Master's degree in Elementary Education and spent time in classrooms to ensure that I would be able to handle the amount of energy that these young guns give off.  Good news, I knew I could handle being in the classroom and was looking forward to it.  I just recently started interviewing for teaching positions in the private schools and am looking forward to finding my classroom.  Oh and by the way, I was an awesome teacher, because of the team I created with the parents as well as the students.  Amazing how much support is out there when you just ask.

My own schooling is very vivacious and entertaining.  I have succeeded in every class that I have taken and received various amounts of praise from my professors and in fact one of them is going to help me when I am ready to start on my doctorate.  Interesting how life works at times.

2 years ago I thought I found something I loved to do and while I did enjoy it, I always wanted to go back to teaching.  I would put this goal off each year, waiting for the right time to get my feet wet again.  The right time never came because so many things were more important.  Now the importance is no longer there. Because of a tragedy, I was able to finally do what I want to do.


Don't wait for your tragedy to do something that you have always wanted to do...
I'm just saying.

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