Hiya Sandy!!!

Here in Virginia, along with most of the east coast are patiently waiting for Sandy to leave.  She hasn't even arrived yet, and I'm a bit interested in seeing the results.  I love storms, with the exception of losing power.  Everything is charged and ready to go.  iPad, iPod, iPhone, Nook, Laptop, flashlights.  Candles are visible and a few bags of ice are in the freezer. 

I did go to the grocery store today, just to see what was going on.  There was no milk.  Now, I am wondering what these people are going to do with all of this milk when the power goes out.  Make hot chocolate or eat 3 boxes of cereal in one sitting.  Since I'm not really a milk drinker, I can't fathom having that much cow in my house.  There was also no bread nor bananas.  I can understand this, since I could live on peanut butter sandwiches forever. 

Right now it is raining and I have my sliding door open and the temperature is going down. 

Government offices are closed tomorrow so people can sit in their dark homes with no power while their place of employment has power... I'm not complaining just trying to see the intelligence here.  I know I wouldn't want to go to work without a shower etc.

Oh yea, I went up in the gutters today and found a dead squirrel... I so didn't want to pick it up, but of course I had to.  After I threw my back out almost falling off of the ladder, I poked at it a few times with a broom stick just to ensure it was dead, and not playing a Halloween joke on me, I pushed it, trying to get it to magically fall on the next door neighbor's property.. no such luck, it seemed to be glued to the gutter wall.  My fingers were going to come in contact with this dead rodent.  I climbed down from the ladder and contemplated taking a nap, hoping when I woke up it would have been just a bad dream or a nightmare.  I made Daisy and Calvin go in the house, just in case they thought that the dead thing was a new chew toy, and then proceeded to pace my house.
So then I got a huge trash bag and put a hole in it for my hand... which I had an old gardening glove on.  I was hoping I could transfer the rodent into the bag without really feeling its body, ribs, hair... anything that would remind me I was touching something dead. 
I wish someone would have videotape the next few moments because of course when you are handling dead critters, things never go as planned.  I swear when I scooped it up the thing bolted towards me and grew wings (think of the squirrel in Christmas Vacation).  The glove, squirrel, trash bag and broom all wound up on the patio deck, and I was bravely still on the ladder.  I have to give myself a few points for that one, heh!

Needless to say, all dead rodents are safely tucked in the trash can.  It's trash night so it will be gone.  I am hoping however that the squirrel doesn't believe in reincarnation because I am pretty sure I'm on his shit list.

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