More Reflections - Bullying, Why is it so Prevelant?

I have these papers that I need to do for a portfolio.  I like to post them on here, clean them up, edit them and perfect the main point and then print it off.  I have many papers that I need to write so this will be updated often.  You can comment how you like but just remember everyone has their own opinion.  You do not have to read about mine and I really don't want to hear yours unless it is worthy and non judgemental of my ideals and concepts.

Since I am an older person, say in my early, very early 40's I can say without a doubt that many of my classmates as well as myself were bullied in school.  All grades had some sort of social ladder that only certain people were allowed to climb while the rest were gathered at the bottom waiting for the torment to start. 
When a conflict arose, the end result was a fight at the end of the school day.  A face to face fight; off campus of course and we would end our feuds and transgressions with each other.  We would yell and curse, accuse and berate each other until nothing was left to be said.  Then as soon as the first punch was thrown it was a matter of who could get in the most punches and do the most damage to the opponent before a concerned passerbyer would break it up.  The victor was determined by the audience and would be labeled the hero for the next few days at school.  Eventually, both fighters would become tolerable, and sometimes friends to an extent with each other and the days went on with no issues.
This was before the Internet and cell phones.  Everything was handled within the confines of the school and the bulling only directly related to the people involved.  Since we were all social creatures, we knew how to effectively communicate and problem solve, even if it meant a fight after school, there was still instant resolution.  Another point, several weeks after the fighting occurred many of us couldn't even recall what the fight was about.

With social media, the scars are visible longer and by more people.  With so much of our communication being done through technology, a person lacks specific fundamentals of peer interaction.  When Instant Messenger was first being used in the work place, it was hard for older men to interact with the tool, because they were used to facial recognition when dealing with co-workers and customers.  Without this, many successful CEO's would not be where they were at.  The age of technology changes many things about the characteristics needed in order to convey a presence needed for a successful client/supplier relationship.................

Still working on this.

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