Poetry from my son

I watched closely as the shooting star,
made me think of how great you are,
It goes through the nightsky,
And shows me I am one lucky guy,
It goes behind the moon and hides,
To conceal it's feelings behind closed eyes,
The moon begins to fall,
Behind the earths large wall
The sun shows up and brightens the day,
But all the good thoughts go away,
It shows the outer beauty of you,
But at night you see the inner beauty which is true,
I was surprised to know you want me,
Because I thought another guy was higher up in the tree,
Thinking you would see him before me
But it ends up me being your baby, I could never harm a girl as kind,
Honest, Loving and always comes to mind,
Walking through the woods,
Shows me life cannot be this good,
But it ends up showing dreams can be true
And now we are held together with glue,
You make my mind spin by day and turn at night and gives me the thoughts to determine what's right,
You have me spinning by a thread, I get dizzy and fall on my bed,
And close my eyes to cleanse my head,
And hope I will never be dead,
Then I open one eye
To glance at the nightsky,
To see another shooting star,
And live the life of someone so far

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