So I have accepted a Challenge

The Challenge starts on the 18th of this month.  Is a sort of Ultra competitor thing for work.  I joined the walking challenge.  I need something to get me back in the gym.

Then I think, "oh this new disease is floating around.  I should just stay home and stay away from people so I don't get sick and die"

That's when my dog throws my running shoes in my face. 
Even she knows that I need to get off my ass. 

Still waiting for the daughter to send the batbaby signal.  I am hoping it is soon, for her sake as well.  The days have been getting hotter and I do not know how she is doing it.  Power to her. 

Work is well, work.  I feel funny there, since, "The Incident".  I know only a few people know and though those people have supported me, I can sense some tension with one individual.  I could really care less.  If there was not other writeups and issues in regards to my complaint he would still be there.  Today we had a company meeting and running into his wife was not the highlight of my day. 

I finally have a closet.  With no skeletons.  Now that is a first.  Actually a friend of the family has come over and built me a closet in the laundry room for me to house all of my stuff, plus he put a shelf on the top for boxes and purses, bads and more purses.

I'm trying to keep busy.  Every single time I sit down and think, I start bawling.  And not in a cute way.  I am trying to hold it all together.  By writing that has been helping but, I haven't been able to focus on one thing.  Even my pencils, pens and keyboard have ADD. 

I sent a sample (2 chapters) of something that I have been working on to a very small publishing company and I have had one call back - questions regarding, "So, where do you see the plot/character/3rdperson going???? I'm still looking for the answers. 

I told the gals at work I was going to make my dip tomorrow.  I am looking forward to actually cooking. I haven't baked in a while either.  I owe a friend some cookies so I need to make those and get them in the mail.  It is the least that I can do for everything they have done. 


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  1. I'd love some of your tater tot casserole. :)