Monday Gripes

Griping for a Monday
Today really hasn’t been that bad. People driving is always an issue so I just incorporate it into my “everyone but be is insane” category.

I can’t find my computer glasses. I got to work, put my stuff away and sat down ready for some computer porn at work… . I have no idea where I left them. I can barely see the screen with my regular glasses, yes I am getting old. I have been looking everywhere to no avail. So I am increasing the fonts on my screen for today so I do not wind up fired or with a blinding headache.

But when I went to go get my bagel with bacon, extra bacon, I went down the stairs like I always do. I was thinking of walking back up them when I went back to my office but as I was thinking there seemed to be more stairs than there were last week. Each time I thought of walking back up the stairs, another flights of stairs was added to the jaunt. I smartly, I thought, decided to take the stairs back to my office.

I got my sammich and returned to the office building. I held the elevator for a slightly larger woman and thought I was doing a good deed and would be rewarded in some way. When she got into the elevator I asked her what floor. She said, “two”. I am shit my pants. You are only going to the 2nd floor and you can’t carry yourself up the stairs??? I hate stopping when inside an elevator. If I was going to the second floor I would have taken the stairs. WTF???? So I finally get to my floor and I thought to myself that I should have taken the stairs. I was being punished for something today. Can’t find my glasses, the stairs, the chick in the elevator.

Drove to Wegman’s for lunch. I had no idea where it was at, but was asked to drive so I did.

It’s really quiet in the office and I don’t know why? I am here aren’t I?? haha.

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