I could write a post...

Or watch Jeopardy, only answered half of the questions so I guess I will blog. I am procrastinating again, but have no idea what it is I am procrastinating.

When I started dating Brian, yes we met online, and that is another cute story for another day. My blog, my rules.

ok so

I was trying to save as much money as I could so I would have enough money to go out with him every weekend. So I would take my lunch to work and not buy starbucks. Well, we all have heard about the Famous Eyebrow Incident and you would have thought that I would have learned. One day, a Thursday to be exact, I was plucking my eyebrows in pain so basically I would pluck out many hairs at once.. When I looked in the mirror, half of my eyebrow was gone. Okay, this could be fixed, so I took an eyebrow pencil and penciled it in and it looked pretty damn good. Leave house to go on date. Went to his house, played around, went to bathroom, looked in mirror, saw eyebrow gone, freaked out since I did not bring my pencil with me. Think fast... jump in the bed and lay the side of the face that was missing half an eyebrow, but that would not work because then I would not be facing him and giving him googly love eyes.. so I faced him, wondering when he would notice, I saw a twinge in his face signaling that he saw. I looked at him and just said...
I made a wrong left turn!

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