My year in review

January - created this blog, tried to save money by waxing my own eyebrows
February - Trip to San Diego, ate lots of mexican food and stayed in an awesome hotel and met Phil! Franconia Moose Pool Tournament, Bus Trip to Coloniel Beach, Fredricksberg, Vienna. went to PF Changs with gals that I met through blogging. That was fun! Read all of the Twillight books.
March - registered for the 3-day walk for Breast Cancer, hurt my back and reflected a bit
April - Started thinking about my Masters program and what exactly i wanted to focus on. entered my first photo contest and started taking more pictures.
May - Bryant got his first job that was taxed. Golf season started, and I posted an I Believe
June - started and completely failed at weight watchers, started the Thursday night ritual at the moose. Added Calvin and Tao to the family
July - more golf trips, picnic's, bought my awesome sewing machine!!!
August - Williamsburg golf tournament!! Shopping, got ready for my picnic that I had to raisse money for my 3 day walk. Made all of the money that I needed. totally over obligated my self at the moose.
September - started my masters program
October - walked 60 miles in three days.. plan on doing it again next year and doing the army ten miler.
November - Thanksgiving day goodness.
December - had a wonderful holiday

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